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 / Lite-5 version
Home Bookkeeping Lite is a visual and functional program for managing the home budget.

Home Bookkeeping Lite is distributed free of charge, nevertheless it should be registered, because the program will not work without the registration. You can register Home Bookkeeping Lite free of charge below.



 Main differences between the commercial version 5 and the free Lite version:

  1. Debts/Credits records (Keep records of money borrowed and money lent, interest rates, reminders, etc.)

  2. Planning (Allows you to plan/schedule your nonrecurring and recurring incomes/expenses

  3. Budget (Drawing up the expense/income budget)

  4. Print (Allows you to print any data)

  5. Powerful report system (Can create various groupings, etc.)

  6. Charts (Using charts, you can visualize the information displayed in the reports)

  7. Search and filtering (Using quick search you can find any record. After you have found a desired record, you can turn on the filter to display other records that fit the specified search string)

  8. Currency conversion

  9. Data export (Using this feature, you can export desired information to files of various formats: Word, Excel, Access, HTML, Text, etc.)

  10. Data import (Data import from Microsoft Excel files and from QIF files (Quicken Interchange Format))

  11. Synchronization PC (Allows you to synchronize Home Bookkeeping databases on different computers)

  12. Synchronization PPC (Synchronization with Home Bookkeeping installed on a PPC)

  13. Data transfer (If Home Bookkeeping is used by two users or more, this feature allows you to transfer records from one username to another)

  14. Database clearing (Allows you to delete unwanted or out-of-date information from your database over any specified period of time)

  15. Portable license (It allows you to install Home Bookkeeping on a removable device (for example, on a flash drive or on a removable hard drive) and work with it on various computers from this removable device without additional registration on every computer)

  16. Auto startup scheduler (Allows you to manage Home Bookkeeping's auto startup. Create a startup schedule and Home Bookkeeping will automatically load at the specified days and time.)

  17. Tips (Using tips helps you to fully take advantage of all of Home Bookkeeping's many features)



Commercial version of Home Bookkeeping 5: http://www.keepsoft.com/hbk.htm
Download Home Bookkeeping 5: http://www.keepsoft.com/download_hbk.htm
Screenshots: http://www.keepsoft.com/screenshot_hb.htm

Home Bookkeeping Lite-5 database are COMPATIBLE with commercial version 5 database.



 Download of the LITE-5 version


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Home Bookkeeping Lite-5
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 Registration of the LITE-5 version

Enter the your ID number and your E-MAIL address. The registration key will be sent to the E-Mail address you specify.

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