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Release date:
May 23, 2012

Works with Windows 7

Works with Windows Vista


"Test Constructor" is a universal examination system. You can use this program to perform tests both at home or at any educational institution. The program supports unlimited number of topics, questions and answers. It also supports five different question types that allows you to perform any given test. Also you can use music, sounds, images or video clips in the test. Any data can be easily printed. Conveniently, multiple persons can use the same computer to pass tests, due to flexible user profile system. The program is very easy to use thanks to its convenient.

"Test Constructor" has three parts:

  1. "Test Constructor. Editor" is used to fill the database with questions and answers, or edit them. It also allows you to adjust certain "Test Constructor" settings.
  2. "Test Constructor. Trainer" allows you to run a test using topics, questions and answers added to the database with the "Editor".
  3. "Test Constructor. Result Administration" performs full analysis of results gained during testing in the "Test Constructor. Trainer" program.

Program features:

- Unlimited number of topics, questions and answers;
- Questions can contain music and sound files (mp3, wav, mid, rmi files);
- Questions can contain images (jpg, bmp, ico, emf, wmf files);
- Questions can contain video clips (avi files);
- Questions can contain unlimited text with custom formatting (including bold style, italic style, color highlighting etc.);
- Supports five question types:
   1. Choose the only correct answer;
   2. Choose all possible correct answers;
   3. Arrange answers in a correct sequence;
   4. Find matching answers;
Type the answer manually using the keyboard.
- Prints or saves to a file topics, questions and answers;
- Prints or saves to a file the results of a test;
- Allows testing of multiple users on the same computer. A personal user profile can be created for that; the fields in a profile can be configured in the "Editor";
- Includes an option to set various permissions and database access rights in the "Editor" for different users;
- An option to ask qustions in an arbitrary order;
- An option to assign a certain price (in points) to each question;
- An ability to assign a price (in points) to each answer;
- An ability to perform a psychological test;
- Includes an option to limit the testing time;
- An ability to interrupt the test to continue it later;
- An ability to skip questions and go back to them later;
- An ability to put marks upon finishing the test. The mark system can be configured in the "Editor". The scale can be configured from 2-point system to 100-point system;
- Gathers testing results from different computers via the local net and analyzes them using Result Administration;
- Backups the database;
- Synchronizes the database. This function allows you to easily exchange data with other users or effortlessly transfer the information from one computer to another;
- You can duplicate topics and questions. Using this function you can duplicate an entire topic or partially copy questions from one topic to another;
- Syntax checking in the "Editor";
- Database search in the "Editor";
- Database compression;
- Checks for fresh updates via Internet.