Home Bookkeeping
Privacy Policy
Last edited: June 28, 2016

We understand that your financial information is very important for you. Therefore, keeping it secure is our top priority. This confidentiality policy describes how we protect your personal information to ensure privacy and security.
1. We do not collect any personal information
The key principle that we adhere to is not to collect and use any of your personal information. Besides, we have no access to the data that you store in Home Bookkeeping.
2. We provide the security of your personal data
We use every means possible to protect your information. All records that you save in Home Bookkeeping are stored on your mobile device and are never sent anywhere. If you configured the program to save the backup copy of the Home Bookkeeping database to Dropbox or Google Drive, protection of your data is provided by the security systems of corresponding cloud services.
3. Changes of the confidentiality policy
We may occasionally update this confidentiality policy, if necessary. The date of the latest modification is always specified at the top of the page. Changes are applied immediately after an updated policy is published.
4. We are always ready to help you
Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: appstore@keepsoft.com