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Money Manager. Money Management for Personal Finances: family budget, expenses, incomes, debits and credits.

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This version is designed for Windows
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Keeping record of personal finances is important… and easy!

Home Bookkeeping is used to keep record of home finances and is a complex solution for keeping financial records both on a personal computer and on Android and iOS mobile devices with a built-in data synchronization system.

With Home Bookkeeping, you can keep record of not only personal finances but also your entire family's finances, or you can use it for accounting purposes in a small company. Home Bookkeeping is easy to use and does not require any accounting knowledge. Despite the fact that it is easy to use, Home Bookkeeping is a powerful and flexible tool with a lot of features for keeping financial records.

Home Bookkeeping Features

Home accounting for the entire family

Keep your personal financial records and those of all your family members. To ensure privacy, every user's records can be protected with a password.

Keep record of all your expenses and incomes

Add all your incomes and expenses to Home Bookkeeping to keep your finances under full control. Make your financial plans and draw up your budget.

Add money that you borrow and loan to Home Bookkeeping

Full control over borrowed and loaned money including control over its return with payment plan calculation features and notifications.

Use Home Bookkeeping to keep your accounts in any currency of the world

The list of currencies in Home Bookkeeping contains all currencies of the world. Choose the currencies that you use.

Use Home Bookkeeping on all kinds of devices

The synchronization feature makes it possible to exchange data with Home Bookkeeping installed on another computer or on an Android mobile device, IPhone, iPad.

Visual reports and charts - a simple and convenient tool for analysis

Home Bookkeeping will help you analyze your finances with the help of all kinds of reports and visual charts.

Import and export data

Import your bank statements into Home Bookkeeping. If you ever need to send data from Home Bookkeeping somewhere, the export feature will help you with that.

Your data under reliable protection

With the reliable backup system, rest assured that your data is always safe and secure and there is no way you ever lose it.

Home Bookkeeping has been already downloaded more than 3 000 000 times

This version is designed for: Windows
Also available for: iOS Android

Feedback about Home Bookkeeping

Hundreds of thousands of people constantly use Home Bookkeeping. Read some feedback from our users.


I like it! Thanks. Everything is comfortable and clear.


Very convenient and useful application!


Super! Recommended to everyone. Full control over family money. Helps to save it.


Just super! The app's truly comfortable and functional.


Wow! Even though it's hard to make oneself enter all expenses.


Remarkable application. The program allows you to count expenses on the fly without getting lost in accounts.


I like everything.


Responsive technical support. It was nice when the guys solved the problem really quickly.


Everything's great! I've tried many, but this application has the largest set of features for a quite reasonable price.

Our Awards

PC Magazine, the leading computer magazine for experts, announced the results of their survey "Software: Harvest of 2015". Our Home Bookkeeping application took its place among winners.

5 stars is the highest rate given to Home Bookkeeping by the largest software portal Softodrom

5 stars from the ListSoft software directory

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