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Money Manager. Money Management for Personal Finances: family budget, expenses, incomes, debits and credits.

What's New

This version is designed for Windows
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Update: Home Bookkeeping for PC

Version 7.1 (Build 6) - April 2020
What's New:
Download new version 7.1 of Home Bookkeeping for PC free of charge

"Home Bookkeeping for PC. New version!

Version 7.0 (Build 4) - June, 2019
Home Bookkeeping version 6 has been assisting you with your personal finances and family budget for three years. Download new version 7 for 30 days for free and start using it right now! For Home Bookkeeping users – privileged upgrade!
What we have taught the new PC version of our software:
1. New section: Bank Deposits
Home Bookkeeping. Bank Deposits.
It is now possible to keep the record of any bank deposits in the new version of Home Bookkeeping. The new section has a lot of features:
Home Bookkeeping. Bank Deposits.
2. Two new sections: Credit Repayment Planning and Debt Repayment Planning
These new sections will make it easier to enter regular repayments of credits you receive and money you lend into Home Bookkeeping. Specify the repayment date and periodicity and Home Bookkeeping will enter repayments according to the schedule you specify.
Home Bookkeeping. Loan repayments planning.
3. New section: Planning Transfers Between Accounts
If you frequently transfer money between accounts, the new feature for planning transfers between accounts will make it easier for you. Plan records will be entered into Home Bookkeeping according to the schedule you specify.
Home Bookkeeping. Planning transfers between accounts.
4. Cryptocurrencies
Home Bookkeeping. Cryptocurrencies.
5. Appearance and usability
6. New features
Download new version 7 for free and start using it for 30 days free of charge right now! You will develop the good habit of keeping financial records within just 2-3 weeks!